Ekida’s Yoga classes focus on proper alignment where physical movements are smooth and graceful between poses and transitions. Movements involving pushing or jerking into a position should always be avoided. Instead, learning about anatomy and relaxation will insure your yoga practice is a safe and healthy part of your day.

Ekida danced professionally, and is a certified Yoga teacher from a yoga teacher training course in London, U.K. She danced in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, England and the United States. She is passionate about dance and yoga. She has danced for more than a 28 years and has 17 years of teaching experience. She studied various forms of yoga, but mainly focuses on Ashtanga and Iyengar. When she teaches a class she combines different types of yoga, trying to get all the benefits from different styles. Also, she practices Buddhism and often shares Buddhist philosophy in her class. Ekida focuses on alignment, anatomy and generating one’s own body heat through consist breathing. During yoga practice people will become aware of their bodies, helping to avoid injury. Ekida loves teaching and seeing people’s minds and body progress through yoga and hopes yoga practice will bring positivity to people’s daily life.

Welcome Ekida! GSF’s New Anatomy Flow Yoga Instructor!

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