An *energizing* Pilates workout while bonding with your baby ages 3 – 12 months. This safe and very effective form of Pilates targets the deep core muscles and functions that can be weekend after birth.

Mama and Baby Pilates Post-Natal Benefits

  • Retrains muscles to recover from extensive changes experienced during pregnancy
  • Provides an outlet and social activity for new mums
  • Prepares the body for aerobic or more high impact exercise
  • Helps with c-section recovery
  • Pilates is gentle and won’t harm the quality or quantity of your breast milk.
  • Mama’s time! A great place to relax, decompress and care for yourself!

What will I do with my baby during class?

Throughout the class, you will have the option to either involve your baby in the mat exercises, to hold him or her, to wear them in a carrier, or to have your baby close to you on your blanket. Sometimes babies sleep all class, other times they may want to breastfeed or bottle feed, and other times they are happy to see and hear the other babies around them.! Fussing and crying is also totally normal, the babies are welcomed just as they are, and truly are the bosses in this class.

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